Saturday, May 1, 2010


Never judge a book by its cover...

your probably all like? ahhh shes gunna winge >.> no. no im not.

im here to ell you old people are awsome, like today i saw an old man with a tiger face painting, it was so funnny. so like, dont judge old people there generally prettty rad.

never judge big buff guys either, like, the other day i saw 2 walking through the shops with a huge ass teddy.

also dont judge your friends like they might act different around a guy because mabey they dont know how to just be normal.. there other friends might not let them be near guys or they just arent cool enough to have an awsome guy bestfriennnnd haha. (j.readddddman.) but like if they start showing off, kinda be my guest haha. this is starting to sound over the top weird and bitchy >.> ummmmmmm. and i keep writing wtf.

so yehh. dont judge a book by its cover, or itll get you back in the long run.

Tayloooooor x

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