Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i hate....

so yeh get over it, when i blog i just winge.

I hate Sluts
I hate bitches
I hate wannabes
I hate my dad trying to pretend like he doesnt lie about anything and bribing me with his money :l
I hate school
I hate life, but i dont want to stop living. i just wanna move (read first blog tah)
I hate trying to come up with new blogs o.O
I hate not being able to think of any more, so ill get back to you. x

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the good and bad memories

The best memories ive ever had are with jordan.
- dressing up as b1 & b2
- playing serious sam til 2 in the morning
- going to maccas and eating mcflurries (Y)
- i could go on for ever.

The worst memories ive had is at school.
Everyone says you'll miss school
But i know i wont
People have made it helll.
People trying to make it to the top and hurting people along the way, especially those who cared about them most, but now dont.

People who judge books by there cover are the worst.
Snobs... need i say more?

To some it up.. i hate school and most the people in it..
if drame/violence/sluttiness/etc.. were alohol everyone would be wasted.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Take the good with the bad

Everyone tells me take the good with the bad.
But why am i forever getting the bad?
Will my life be forever like this?
if so, i quit.

I should start a new life.
Some where far far away.
Theres so much to explore.
Yet im forced to stay in this house, this town, this state.
If i leave this country for new york,
Will it be just like my old life or a new life
Who knows.
I love this country except some people in it,
Mabey i might just move away, mabey near the ocean.
So i can sit and think of what to do..
But for now i wait, until i can leave for a better place.
we'll see where this path takes me.