Sunday, May 2, 2010


whats something good about this weekend, this week this year so far.
pretty much nothing.
the only thing that im actually looking forward to is qld tbh..
because i know when i get there i can be carefreee and not be judged and actually have a bestfriend that knows me and accepts me without judgement.. why cant the resst of mandurah be like that?!? yeh jordans in alot of these, but mabey you would be to if you werent a dooshbag..

everything thats happened today is pretty much just people ignoring me and being fuckers, im walking on eggshellls. all day everyday. and pretending thats nothing wrong.

i cant go on like this.. im not needed here, so yeh w/e. ill just go be the 'emo' in the corner, just remember you put me there..

btw if zombies attack im going to jades house and you cant come <3 except jordan. (L)

love ya. >.>

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